Man Arrested in Connection With Taylorsville Fire

Raymond Gonzalez-Florentino

TAYLORSVILLE, UTAH – August 3, 2105 (Gephardt Daily) – The suspect who allegedly started a fire at 1185 W. Clubhouse Drive has been identified as Raymond Gonzalez-Florenino.

According to the Unified Fire Authority, firefighters were called to the apartment Sunday around 7:15 p.m. When they arrived they found smoke coming from an upstairs unit. Unified Police Department said in the Salt Lake County Jail report that firefighters made their way inside and found a man and child inside a bathroom. Gonzalez-Florenino had the bathtub full of water and a large kitchen knife near his feet.

The report said that during investigation, he made statements “that did not add up with what occurred.”  He made statement that five people were involved in the incident and were trying to get him in trouble. He then pointed out several elderly persons he stated were involved in trying to take his children. “He made statements that did not seem to be reality,” the report said.

Through investigation, Gonzalez-Florenino admitted to knowing there was a fire, and locking himself inside the bathroom to protect his child with a wet towel. His wife, who he is currently separated from, said he had made threats earlier in the day of wanting to damage the apartment with a knife.

Gonzalez-Florenino, his child and a neighbor were treated for minor smoke inhalation.


Gonzalez-Florenino was booked on one count of reckless endangerment, involving his child.


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